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The quickest way to review and analyze medical data

Medical records are often delivered as unorganized unstructured documents. SiftMed enables independent medical evaluators (IME’s) to automate the organization, management, and synthesis of medical data in a review.


The outcome? Reduced internal administrative workload, expedited access to pertinent information for IME specialists, and the capacity for IME firms to handle increased caseloads.

Reduce File Review Time

Reduce the backlog of medical record reviews and take on more cases.

Stop Missing Key Information

Improve accuracy and catch critical information such as key events and pre-existing conditions.

Safeguard Sensitive Data

Securely handle and sort documents keeping clients data private and protected.

Let us help you sift through medical files faster

Transform the Medical File Review Process


Drag and drop files from your case management system or upload files directly from your computer.


Automatically detect duplicates, sort files chronologically and categorize content by date and type.


Quicky export indexes or specific medical timelines in the customized way you prefer to see your data.


Easily flag and tag events, make notes, and spend less time searching for keywords.


Gather your findings in one place then build your final report, export, and move onto the next case.

SiftMed helps medical experts to streamline the review process by making it easy to find facts, review data, and analyze medical data in a way that works for them.

Core Capabilities of SiftMed

Designed to help medical experts sift through their documents with ease.

Content Categorization

Our platform recognizes 100s of different types of medical records. Using optical character recognition (OCR) technology and AI, SiftMed can search for key information (even handwritten text) within documents and group pages based on record type.

Create a Chronology

SiftMed’s timeline feature can be used to create a chronology of events based on an understanding of medical sequences and the dates available on records.

Detect Duplicate Documents

When pages share similarities SiftMed will identify those files as duplicates. Upon confirmation from the user, duplicate pages are hidden throughout the entire case.


Quickly turn large files into a clickable document that can be shared and updated as your file scales. We know your files are constantly evolving and this technology allows you to update your index seamlessly as things change.

Handwritten Text Recognition

Medical files are full of handwritten notes. We have one of the world's most accurate tools for transcribing handwritten notes. If it's legible, our system identifies and processes handwritten notes.

Explore How SiftMed Can Help Your Business!

But no review is complete without the input of a trained expert, like you.

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Focus on the facts that matter.

Simply upload a medical file and let SiftMed find the facts you need.

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