AI assisted workflow designed specifically for personal injury practices

Human assessors missed 20-75% of relevant documents by manual review. AI will never replace a legal team, but legal teams that use AI will replace the ones that don’t.

SiftMed improves the case flow in your practice. You can take on more cases or spend more time returning to your life if the time to submit a demand summary is reduced.
Support Staff

Legal assistants, clerks, and paralegals are essential in supporting medical cases. With SiftMed, they can organize and sort their files in record time.

SiftMed speeds up the time spent analyzing medical records while identifying powerful proof, enabling them to strike the ideal work-life balance.

Let us help you Sift through medical files faster

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How it Works


Start your review by easily uploading all unstructured medical files.


Our system helps identify duplicates, create a timeline, categorize by record type, generate summaries, and extract handwritten text.


Easily flag and tag events, make notes, and share with team members.


Once your review is complete, build your final report, export and move onto the next case.

Core Capabilities of SiftMed

Designed to help personal injury professionals digest billions of medical records.

Record Categorization

Timeline Builder

Duplicate File Identification

Handwritten Text Recognition

But no review is complete without the input from a trained & caring professional, like you.