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Stop Struggling.
Start Sifting.

SiftMed empowers independent medical expert (IME) firms and experts to quickly and precisely extract essential information from medical data.


SiftMed revolutionizes medical document management with its specialized Artificial Intelligence (AI) investigative platform. Tailored to meticulously organize and categorize medical files, it significantly cuts review time by 50% compared to traditional manual methods.


Why IME's Need a Better Outcome

Slow Review Process

Medical records are often delivered as unstructured, unorganized files - requiring a significant amount of time to review.

Facts Can Get Missed

Medical file reviews are full of duplicates, lack search abilities, and handwritten text can get overlooked.  This leads to missing relevant facts in the data.

Limited Resources

An influx of new cases can easily stretch resources, create backlogs, and frustrate assessors. SiftMed allows IME firms to take on more cases with less.

Use SiftMed to Take on More Cases With Less

SiftMed enables IME firms to take on more cases with less. IME firms and experts leverage our solution to sort through medical files, so they can uncover facts to support their case.

Reduce File Review Time: Reduce the backlog of medical record reviews and take on more cases.

Stop Missing Key Information: Improve accuracy and catch critical information such as key events and pre-existing conditions.

Safeguard Sensitive Data: Securely handle and sort documents keeping clients data private and protected.

Transform the Medical File Review Process


Drag and drop files from your case management system or upload files directly from your computer.


Automatically detect duplicates, sort files chronologically and categorize content by date and type.


Quicky export indexes or specific medical timelines in the customized way you prefer to see your data.


Easily flag and tag events, make notes, and spend less time searching for keywords.


Gather your findings in one place then build your final report, export, and move onto the next case.

SiftMed helps medical experts to streamline the review process by making it easy to find facts, review data, and analyze medical data in a way that works for them.

Why Customers Choose SiftMed


Pages uploaded and reviewed by users


Reduction of time to review medical records


Reduction in internal administrative review time

Learn, explore, and gain insight from the best

Stop Struggling. Start Sifting.

The quickest way to review and analyze unstructured medical data.

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