The quickest way to review and analyze unstructured medical data

SiftMed is an Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) platform that uses Artificial Intelligence to automate the organization of medical files. Our platform helps insurance, legal, and medical professionals complete fast and accurate reviews.

Slow Review Process

Medical records are often delivered as unstructured, messy files. As a result, reviewers spend a huge amount of time organizing files page-by-page.

Facts Can Get Missed

The size, volume, and complexity of medical files make it hard to find important facts that are sometimes hidden amongst unsearchable handwritten text.

Complex Claims

Pre-existing conditions can drastically change the scope of a claim, making it hard to identify the level of complexity and whether an expert is needed to tackle it.

Challenges We See

Use SiftMed to automatically organize your records

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improve the way you sift through Medical Records

SiftMed's workflow makes it easier than ever to complete your medical record reviews. Simply upload your documents and let the technology guide you to uncover the key facts you need.

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