SiftMed uses AI to help you organize, manage, and review medical records

Professionals use medical records in different ways, but they all face the same challenge - unstructured records  must be organized before they can be reviewed. The capabilities of SiftMed can address this issue across multiple industries.
Insurance adjusters and claim reviewers assess medical histories as part of the claim and settlement process. We help them gain insights into personal injury claims, improve capacity, and close claims faster.
Law clerks, paralegals, and lawyers are the front line of the discovery process. Medical records must be thoroughly reviewed in order to accurately represent clients. We reduce the time it takes to review records, generate summaries, and establish the facts.
Independent Medical Evaluators
An Independent Medical Evaluators (IME) primary role is to provide medical expertise. However IMEs spend significant time reviewing  records to understand case background. We help organize records so IMEs can conduct accurate and efficient evaluations.

Let us help you Sift through medical files faster

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How it Works


Start your review by easily uploading all unstructured medical files.


SiftMed helps identify duplicates, create a timeline, categorize by record type, generate summaries, and extract handwritten text.


Securely share your documents and collaborate with others on your team.


Once your review is complete, build your final report, export and move onto your next file.

Core Capabilities of SiftMed

Designed to help multiple industries process billions of pages of medical records.

Record Categorization

Timeline Builder

Duplicate File Identification

Handwritten Text Recognition

But no review is complete without the input from a trained & caring professional, like you.