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Expert-Ready Assessment Platform

Elevate your practice with our advanced technology, designed to enhance your ability to find crucial information and drive better patient outcomes.

SiftMed empowers physicians and IME experts with seamless access to comprehensive online case reviews. With our platform, you can efficiently manage and review patient cases anytime, anywhere.


This user-friendly solution enhances your review process by providing all the necessary tools and data in one centralized location, ensuring thorough and accurate assessments. Whether you collaborate with one or multiple IME firms, SiftMed ensures secure and reliable case review.

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Independent Medical Expert

​Find out how Dr. Small saves 50% of his time using SiftMed.

"I didn’t think I’d ever have time to use an online solution because I was already so busy, but SiftMed made it incredibly easy to complete cases. It not only gave me my weekend back, it helped me provide a more thorough review." - Dr. Small, IME

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